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Intulog helps companies find and derive value from talent in Analytics, Data Sciences, Engineering & Development.

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Identify top talent with
the "vetted" process for You

Intulog finds, validates, and presents highly qualified candidates
using a qualification process designed to discover top talent based on your needs.

Talent Pool
100% of talent pool

Talent Pool

Our comprehensive multi-channel sourcing strategy allows us to attract the best talent across the entire data ecosystem.

80% of talent pool


Understand candidate background, interests, availabilty, etc.

Skills Tagging

Resume Ranking

Automated Validation

50% of talent pool


Smart Screen, online AI Driven testing and skills assessment. Proctored evaluating platform.

25% of talent pool


Subject Matter Expert (SME) Interview, Video / In-person

Real-world scenario walkthroughs

10% of talent pool


Weighted Avg / Ranking based on: - PreScreen (Pre-Screen 1) Online Test (Screening 2) Interview Score (SME interview)

Intulog Certified

Intulog Presents Highly Qualified Candidate to your Hiring Team.

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Knowing Who You Need Starts With Understanding What You Need

Our team comprises of leaders who have led several large-scale data science, analytics transformation projects in multiple domains.

Data and Information

Assess data availability
Build data pipelines

Data Information & Management

Centralized data warehouses & data lakes
Robust & scalable data engineering


Metrics dashboard
Dimensions & Measures

BI / Analytics

Business KPIs baseline
Business Dashboards
Triggers, Alarms & CAPA

Analytics & Experimentation

A/B & Multi-variate Testing
Rapid Experimentation framework
On-Demand Business Dashboards and Reports
Pre-built Dashboards
Business KPI/metric Reporting

Data Science

High business impact strategies

Data Science ML / AI

Real-time NBAs/NBOs
Uncover hidden patterns in data
Productivity gains via automation
Deploy & iterate ML models with feedback loops
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Find the Right Talent for Your Company

Leverage our "Vetted" process to increase your talent reach. Our flexible engagement models allow you to instantly scale your teams while maximizing your ROI.

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step one

Talk to Our Industry Experts

An expert on our team in the field of Analytics, Engineering, Data Science will work with you to understand your goals & skills (technical and non-technical) needed and find a match in days.

step two

We “Vet” the Talent

Top talent goes through our customizable process - testing, interviewing and “Vetting”. The top ranked talent across Soft Skills, Technical Skills and Presentation are presented to clients.

step three

Custom Matching

Work with your new team member and check-in weekly updates, keeping client objectives and goals on track. Any deviation in quality is mitigated with our experts and training & mentoring.

Extraordinary Companies Are Built by Extraordinary People

Intulog is dedicated to applying its talent sourcing formula to help companies fill their most important roles with extraordinary people.


Data Scientists, Data Analysts, AI/ML Engineers


Data Engineers, API Engineers, Mobile Developers


Product Managers, Business Analysts, Product Analysts


Talent That Speaks for Itself


Meet Agraj

A MS Data Science graduate from UT Dallas, Agraj specializes in translating business requirements into actionable tasks, designing hypotheses, building models across a massive volume of structured and unstructured data.

Agraj Choudhary

Business Data Analyst


Meet Siddharth

A Data Scientist with experience across multiple domains, including Music, Retail and Banking, Siddharth excels in facilitating the entire lifecycle of a data science project.

Siddharth Parmar

Data Scientist


Meet Dhishankar

An expert in data analysis, Dhishankar loves collaborating with product owners to drive rapid experimentation and testing strategies. With expertise in data extraction, interpretation and analysis, Dhishankar wants to see more organizations take data-driven decisions.

Dhishankar Bhattacharya

Data Analyst


"Since 2012, Intulog has helped us get the right talent for FTEs and contract roles across the US. They are quite responsive and have always been able to source the right talent for us in time. Their candidate screening process has saved us time and made hiring a less painful process."

Rajiv Kumar

CEO, Mirketa Inc.

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